Why should you choose The Dialect Resource?


The Dialect Resource is the website of Gillian Lane-Plescia, a full time, freelance accent and dialect coach who has worked for over 30 years with actors of all kinds, including such well known actors such as Matthew Broderick, Estelle Parsons, John Malkovich, Brian Dennehy, Rosemary Harris, John C. Reilly, Uma Thurman, F. Murray Abraham, and Gary Sinese. The Dialect Resource downloads are the result of this experience.


Gillian’s programs are used by organizations across the country and abroad, from leading theatres such as the Guthrie and the Alley to University theatre schools, community theatres and high schools.


Instruction is provided solely by Gillian, whose unique methodology focuses on learning from men and women speaking with their authentic accents.  


While it is geared primarily towards the professional actor it can easily be used by those who are new to working with accents. 


Dialects are available for instant download, along with accompanying PDF booklet. In addition American South V1 and 2, Irish Accents for Actors V1 and 2, Scots Accents for Actors, Cockney for Actors, British North Country, New York for Actors, and New England Accents are available as CDs in limited quantities. For more information contact Gillian directly at gillian@dialectresource.com


What do the downloads consist of?


The downloads and accompanying booklets offer clear analysis of primary sound substitutions, melodic/rhythmic features for each dialect, practice material, numerous examples of authentic speakers, both male and female, and a list of other sources.


IPA notations are included.

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