Facetime (Mac only)  

Skype and FaceTime with their opportunities for working face to face, are ideal for accent/dialect coaching. The client's face, the jaw position, the shape that the mouth is making, can often reveal why the sounds are not quite correct.
Both these applications also make it possible for the the whole session to be recorded for later listening - very important, since both sides of the conversation are included.

Skype coaching is available to people all over the U.S. and Canada and even overseas.
FaceTime coaching is available to those using Mac within the U.S.  Email for an appointment.

•    1 hour coaching - $100.00
•    30 minute coaching - $50.00

Live Dialect Coaching

Gillian is available for in-person coaching in New York City. Availability is contingent upon scheduling.

Contact Gillian for more information.

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