"I have had the pleasure of working with Gillian on two wildly different accents in different productions...Appalachian "Hillbilly" and Coastal Maine. Both experiences tremendously shaped my performances and helped garner me some of the best notices of my career. What a wonderful surprise it was for me to discover that I could coach with her via Skype and get the same results in an audition room! Prepping with her gives an actor that extra degree of confidence that can make all the difference."

-Jenn Gambatese


"What a fantastic opportunity to work on a dialect through a Skype session! I have worked with Gillian both in person and on Skype, and I can honestly say that nothing is lost in the Skype version of coaching. I learned a pretty tough dialect with Gillian's skillful coaching this way for an audition, and even the director and the CD commented that my dialect was great. This method works!"

-Deanne Lorette, NYC actress



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